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Our export network works with many top business organizations and investment management companies at home and abroad, including well-known enterprises and multinational companies, consulting companies, securities companies, private equity funds, public funds and hedge funds. Our expert consultants, including business professionals and managers, scholars and researchers, provide us with knowledge and insights that can help investors and business professionals make key decisions that may change business landscape. Expert consultants usually participate in the industry consulting services we provide to customers through telephone communication. If an expert consultant is available, face-to-face consultation can be arranged, including investigation, group discussion and roadshows.

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Our services

We invite you to become a member of the Enmore expert network. In addition to having many opportunities to engage in a dialogue with Enmore customers, including China’s top investors and business people, you will also enjoy the following exclusive rights:

— Recognized as a leading expert in in your industry/field;

— Opportunities to communicate and cooperate with other outstanding experts and investors;

— Participate in the high-end industry forum and online live broadcast hosted by Enmore;

— Obtain good career development opportunities from Enmore’s headhunting business;

— Rich consulting remuneration.