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Compliance system

Our compliance management is strictly in line with the regulatory standards of domestic and foreign regulatory agencies. We not only have a professional and rigorous compliance management system, but also conduct dynamic compliance supervision for each project. We help our clients to obtain professional and quality services while avoiding unnecessary risks, and provide them with all-round and robust risk management guarantee.

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Our services

Customer compliance:

• Sign agreements that meet the regulatory compliance standards of both parties

• Customize compliance audit standards and procedures, including expert qualification, audit standards, etc.

• Train new customers on relevant compliance policies and procedures

Expert compliance:

• Reference checks with research, data retrieval and referrers

• Sign terms of service and confidentiality of information before the project

Internal compliance:

• Provide induction training to all new employees, including code of conduct and compliance training

• Conduct continuous compliance audit on all projects in early communication stage and ongoing projects through a project information management system

• Expert communication monitoring and customer communication monitoring

Project compliance:

• A full-time compliance team carries out pre-review on all projects

• In the project, the compliance team and the executive team provide compliance guidance through continuous communication and coordination